Vintage Design Bicycle Storage Bag


Jumbo storage bag with a vintage bicycle design. Great for storing sleepover bedding, clothes and laundry or use as a toy or boot tidy.

This storage bag is light weight and will keep things dust free. Perfect for storing sleepover bedding, toys or laundry or use it as a boot tidy. Keep in the car for dirty boots or bike stuff. Great for Shopping.

A stylish modern design with a retro feel. Perfect for transporting stuff from home to school, friends or family or if your moving house.An easy way of transporting stuff to Uni or great for all those cuddly toys!

A soft bag makes it easy to store in cupboards or under bed.

Eco-Friendly made from recycled bottles with other designs available.

made from:

Made from recycled plastic bottles with a zip fastening.


Width 28 cm Height 55cm Length 48cm